Destabilisation of ecosystems

Human impact currently destabilizes the ecosystems of our planet and irrevocably alters them for many generations. Below are a few important global trends that are significantly influencing this destabilization.


The Life Gravi­tation Unit (LGU) is a holistic system solution for desta­bilized ecosystems. As a micro-biodi­versity hotspot, it adopts the ideal conditions of regional habitats and thereby develops a pull effect for the local species spectrum. As a flexibly scalable modular system, each LGU is tailored to the uniqueness of its location as well as the client, making it absolutely unique.

Rock Regionally adjusted soil substrate Regionally adjusted flora Rainwater

Ideal regional habitat

To be found in e.g. all mega biodi­versity hotspots of the world.

LGU small

7 modules

LGU medium

230 modules

In front of a dark gray background are an overgrown hill, a small, heavily overgrown LGU (consisting of seven stacked modules in shades of pink and red), and a medium-sized LGU (consisting of 230 modules), also heavily overgrown. Above the pile of earth float in descending order a pile of stones, a pile of earth, a heavily overgrown sphere and a drop of water.

The scalable micro-biodi­versity hotspot

In the midst of heavily desta­bilized ecosystems, the LGU reliably creates niches and food offerings for animals and plants that are necessary for survival. Further­more it enables space-optimized area growth and collects as well as stores enormous amounts of rainwater. Each LGU is a kind of Silicon Valley of biodi­versity - the world's first scalable oasis and thus as unique as life itself.

The medium-sized LGU, which is still uncovered and under construction, stands on a pile of earth in the middle of an abandoned industrial site. A few modules are still standing on euro pallets next to it. A site manager supervises the construction. The medium-sized LGU, now overgrown, stands on an overgrown pile of earth in the middle of an abandoned industrial site. There are various animals and a man shooting photos.

The team

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